Independent Learning

As we grow up, we need to take many responsibilities in life and today, education is one of the biggest priority for me and some others too. This is a fact that l notice about education. We usually receive it when teachers give us lessons and give us homework or assignments, but have you ever think that independent study also teaches students to have a responsibility too? And that’s what we are doing English Essential Round 5.


This round is the most independent round in the Universe! The theme is called….Make the most of your learning! I feel like I am more mature because our facilitator makes us make our own schedule for our literacy studying, but!!!!! She still has something for us to finish. Those are How I Change Cambodia Essay, Must Read a Novel, make a vocabulary list out of it, prepare for the book review and more, more and more!. Fortunately, those things have a long due date or else, I don’t know. Oh yeah, about my novel study, I read Flora and Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo. I’d love to share the summary with you too, but I figure out that I won’t because I want you to read it. Reading is great, don’t you know that? I’m really happy to finish my novel study because it’s one of my independent learning and as a result, I learn a lot from the book. The book is very inspirational. It is about how beautiful life is when we are with friends. Friends are always by each other side and they look after each other no matter what happens. Sometimes, life is in a messed up situation, but we shouldn’t give up on each other. That’s what friends are supposed to do.


Overall, Independent Learning gives students more experience. They learn to have more responsibility in their study because in the future there no responsibility that they need to take and this is only the beginning.

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