Round 3 Of The Year

The theme for this round 3 of the year is Identity. We need to know more about ourself, what make us who we are, our shape and gene. In our class, we also write a poem about ourself. We all got the same title for our poem, Where I’m From. It was inspired by George Ella Lyon. I really like this poem even though it is not really rhyme because it helps me to know more about myself. This is the one that I wrote.


I am from rice pot from the kitchen and pajamas, most comfortable things.

I am from the  bright yellow wood

I am from the flower pots

The mango tree whose long gone limbs I remember as if they were my own.

I’m from read your book and take the spoon out of the plate from Vichea and Sonach

I’m from watching the TV and let’s do something and the rice cooking. I’m from the becoming the crocodile when laying down while eating and don’t sleep over other heads and កខគឃង

I’m from the ancestors praying.

I’m from Chhouk district and Cambodia’s roasted chickens and Khmer noodle

From secretly watching my grandma cooking ingredient, my smart mom and searching for clams on the beach.

Next to a small mountain,  surrounded by other islands. I will never forget.


We all also got to write the meaning of our name. It is really cool to share people about what your name mean because sometimes, names doesn’t make any sense, but if we look into it very clearly, names have their own meaning. We just don’t know it and this is what I wrote.


In Khmer, my name means good life or good birth. This name is from Cambodia. My father gave this name to me when I was born recently after knowing that this name was a very well known name in Buddha history in Khmer version. I was bone in the year of the rooster and in Khmer, it is a very strong male giant. So, I always think and I am strong and it fits very well with my great name.

It was the name of a woman who is the first person to give food to Buddha when he had only skin covering his bone. Now this name is also mine. In Cambodia, a famous actress in Cambodia also gets the same name as me. Socheata Sveng. She gets to appear in many movies such as Phka Sropon(withered flower), First They Killed My Father and more. So, whenever I see her, I always say that she is me and I am on the TV and that makes me love my name even more.  

On the first of my life at my new school, Liger Leadership Academy, my foreign teachers can’t pronounce my name very well. Some of them pronounce it like cheetah, jeeta, cheat-tah, but my name is pronounce like ji-a_ta. It sounds funny for myself when I hear them pronounce it, but I am not angry. It’s just a name. They can call me anything that makes them comfortable to say, unless, that name is inappropriate. Even now, the teacher that gave me this assignment can’t pronounce my name very well and that’s okay.

Besides the real name of me, I have a few nicknames too. At Kampot city, they called me Srey Pich which means diamond. At Chhouk district, they called me Tek which means water. At Koh Sdach island, they called me Poklok which means messy or fast like a baby who can’t stay still. I don’t mind if someone giving an appropriate nickname.

In my life, I never thought of changing my name even some people think that it’s funny because it has a fabulous meaning. Also, it is the name that my father gave to me. He always told me to use that name to make my family proud. I love my name because it has a fabulous meaning and it sounds lovely for myself when I say it.

Beside the thing above, we also divided ourself into four groups to read the same book with the theme of “Identity”. Those book are Wonder, Outsider, Looking For Alaska and Monster. Those are very great books. I and my group read Wonder. It’s the book about a boy whose face is not the same as everybody else and how his life was in school. We always do a discussion about the book that we read every week. In the discussion,  everybody have their own role and we change our roles every week, so that we will get the same experience. Those roles are Summarizer, Visualizer, Inferencer, Symbolizer and Word Detector.

Thank You for reading this and don’t forget to read more book because it gives you many benefits. If you don’t believe me, read more than one book and you’ll know it.


Round 2 Of The Year

Our English Literacy theme for this round 2 is Social and Environmental Justice.

Social justice is about how people are treated unfairly based on their race, origin, religions, ect…

Environmental Justice is similar to social justice, but it is about how the environment affects people or human lives. We also completed a hyperdoc about minority groups in Connecticut and how the power plants affect people because most of the power plants in the state are located near the minority groups territory.

Beside social and environmental justice, we also focused on how to write an argumentative essay. Before writing the argumentative essay, we also learn tips and skills to write an argumentative it. That includes writing a thesis statement, choosing evidence, integrating source and more.


English Essential

My English Essential is lead By Hannah, my beautiful teacher. Every week, she always has a topic and a new root word for us to learn. Example, this week we learn about a topic called Hear. So, on our homework packet, there are some root word that is related to hearing such as ‘aud’ which mean hear. Then, there are some more new vocabulary words that contain the root word in it. Sometimes, we study from websites such as New Sela, Achieve Learning and Readworks. Every Monday, we always have a new test and homework packet that is due on Another Monday. We have a long due date because it is not just a small and short homework on the packet.

Last few weeks, my essential class was studying a topic that is related to memories. My teacher(Hannah) also read a book for us. The title of the book is Grandpa Green. The story tells about a man’s life from a baby to an elder person. His memories will never be forgotten because everything that happened in his life was carved by himself in a beautiful garden.

I also got to do some group discussion about the story with my teacher and some other friends. My favorite activity was Writing Mini Person Narrative. I wrote a poem about a time when I was three years old.


My name is Socheata

Those rude people said it means grandpa

I rarely eat pizza

But I usually share my stories


That time I was only three

So, I sneaked out from the house freely

Without my parents knowing it


I went to see my little fishes in the big jar

Suddenly, I laughed hahaha

Because I see a small toy car in the water


The fishes stay on the toy car

Their mouths were shut and open

Like they were saying Wa Wa

I jumped to sit on the big jar

But then, splash!

I fell into the monster jar’s mouth


My Head was down

My legs are up

I can’t scream or cry

I was thinking that I’m going to die

When I open my eyes

Everything is green except

Little Fishes


After five seconds

I heard a young man screaming

“Pok Lok is drowning!” (Pok Lok is what they called me)

And then he started running

Without think what jar am I in


Then he found me in the second jar

He pulled out my legs from the monster’s mouth

Then he took me to my house

Because my mouth was saying “Mak” (Mak means Mom in the Khmer language)


My mom hugged me while crying

But my dad did not because he was at work

I felt very warm

Because I was in my mom’s chest


At last, she thanks to the man

Who was trying to get me back from the heaven train

And tried to take out my mom’s pain

When her daughter is lost


This is my most important memory

Because I was lucky that I was save

By a brave man who gave me a chance to write this poem