Rate, Negative and Integer

Math in this round is amazing! I got to learn many new things such as Rate, Speed, Algebra, Negative numbers and Integers, and coordinate graph. Due to the reason that it is new to me, I don’t really get used to it yet, so I usually get work done a bit slow, but I don’t disappoint myself as long as I understand them.

My own definition for Rate is something per something. If you don’t understand, let me give you some examples, kilometer per liter, distance per hour. Speed is how fast something is. We also learn to know how to measure speed. By just hearing the topic, I already feel like I’m on top of the world. Can you imagine how cool you are to measure the speed of the bike or how fast it is in one hour while your brother or sister just start riding for 15 minutes? To find the speed of this bike, you can take the distance divided by the time to find one minute first. Then, take quotient to multiply by 60 to find the speed in an hour. If you are smart enough, you can just take the distance for 15 minutes to multiply by 4! If you want to find the distance, you take the speed to multiply by time and if you want to find the distance, you can just take the distance to divided by speed. It’s easy, isn’t it? (The intro is always easy, so don’t get tricked by the power of into!)

Do you know that 0 is not the smallest number in the universe? The numbers that are even smaller than 0 is called Negative Numbers. Negative numbers are also amazing and unlimited just like any other numbers! Integers are just normal, whole numbers with no decimals. Those integers are positive numbers. Usually, the positive sign would represent as +, but for integer, they don’t give any sign because it is just like normal number. To understand more about negative numbers and integer, let’s look at this example of mine. When you see a good person, you don’t even give out a word that he/she is a good person, right? But when you see a bad person, you just gossip and say That’s a bad person and that’s negative. People would not really say any positive things to each other. They just stay quiet, but they will immediately give you a negative sign if you do something wrong. The bigger, the negative number is, the smaller is its value. Mostly, we see people use negative for measuring the temperature. The temperature is colder if the number drops the value.


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