Multimedia Round2

In round 2 of the years, in Multimedia class, we were learning about digital storytelling. What is it then? It is a form of telling stories using media. We also learn about what makes a story. For me, to make a good story, you just have to think of interesting ideas and describe the scene in an interesting way, so that your story can attract people easily and don’t let the story die before you. Example, the world war 1 or 2. Everybody knows what it is, right? Those wars are history and it can also be called story. Lots of people in world war 1 and 2 are already dead by now, but their stories are still living in people heart. We even learn about story structure by following the Pixar story structure. This is how the Pixar story structure looks like.

  1. Once upon a time, there was ____
  2. Every day ____
  3. One day ____
  4. Because of that ____
  5. Because of that ____
  6. Until finally ____

After we look at a few examples, we practice it by trying to write our own stories. This is the story that I had written.

Once upon a time, there was a ghost who always make people run without turning back on the street. Every day, she always opened her mouth widely. Because of that, people run away and she thought she scared them. Because of that, She felt proud and continued to do that every day. Until finally, people came around to tell her to stop opening up her mouth because it is very smelly and they all handed her with a toothbrush and a toothpaste.


We also learn about photography. So, the amount of light that reaches your camera sensor is called Exposure. The three things that affect the exposure are Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO. The higher the shutter speed is, the fastest you can capture photos. For Aperture, the lower you set it to be, the blurrier is the background of the photos. For ISO, the higher it is, the more sensitive the camera is to light, so the photo is brighter with high ISO. In photography, we also learn about the camera type shots. There are long shots, full shot, medium shot, close up, extreme close up, low angle, high angle and bird’s eyes view, eye level, dutch angle or tilt and over the shoulder.

  1. Long shot: You can see the full view of something and it is mostly used to capture landscape such as a mountain along with a forest.
  2. Full shot: A shot that shows subject fully from head to toe(case of a person).
  3. Medium shot: camera angle shot from a medium distance to show directly what is someone doing.
  4. Close up: a type of shot that tightly frames a person or object.
  5. Extreme close up: Shots that get right in and show extreme detail.
  6. Low angle: Photography that has taken from the lower area such as when you stand from the ground to take a picture of something above you.
  7. High angle: The meaning is opposite to low angle.
  8. Bird’s eye view: a general view from above.
  9. Eye level: shot with the level of the eyes looking straight ahead.
  10. Dutch angle or tilt: the picture that was shot in tilt angle.
  11. Over the shoulder: a shot of someone or something was taken from the perspective or camera angle from the shoulder of another person.

That’s it for this round. I hope you learn at least something today.


Outdoor Leadership


Our exploration, led by our two lovely facilitators, Teacher Da, and Kieren which is called Outdoor Leadership Exploration. It is an exploration of being a leader in outdoor such as what to do or what should we know if we are out in the wood. Outdoor leaders need to have a specific plan about what they are going to do or where are they going to stay. They should always be a great helper whenever a member of the team needs some help.


In this exploration, we learn about the part of the map and how to use the compass. Moreover, we also know what to do if there is no compass to use. We can use or look at the natural resources around us such as moss on the trees or our watches to find out which way is north or south. Example, sometimes, the easiest way to look at the direction is to look at the trees. We want to look at the trees that have moss because they only grow at the north side of the tree (that’s what I know from my facilitator). In every trip, we always have the camping gear. We also learn about that. Example, what are they and what should we take such as the most important one is the tent and first aids. We even learn about what should we do if we don’t have the thing that we need such as lighter or food. After we learn all of the stuff above, we prepare for the first trip.


Our first trip is Going to Kirirom which is a very big national park in Kampong Speu province. We only spend a day and a night there. We went to waterfall 1. There is a road for us to drive to get there, but we walked for over two kilometers to get there. When we get there, we ate lunch while enjoying the waterfall. Sadly, we didn’t get a chance to swim. After we finished lunchtime, we wrote our journal about the trip and again, sadly, we have to walk two kilometers back. We plan to camp at the helicopter parking lot that was made a long time ago and there is no more helicopter coming to do parking there, but then, we change our mind to camp near the Sras Srang lake because we can have a very good view in the morning and the landscape is pretty flat. We also cook food by ourself. We cooked pasta, but before the food is ready, there is some problem with the stove. It was errored. So, we have to find something else, but luckily, our friend, Makara find Khmer clay stove that was left by someone. We borrow that stove to make a fire to cook. We also make a campfire. We sat around the campfire to eat our dinner to talk about our Rose, Bud, and Thorn. Rose is something great about the trip. Bud is something that we want to improve on or something bad that had happened to us during the trip. Thorn is something that we expect to see in the other day. In the morning, before we left, we went to another waterfall called O-Trosek. We spend about 10 minutes there. Then, we got on the bus and head back to our school. When we arrive, we cleaned and put back our camping gear in the right place.


In exploration time, we continued learning about what we should know. We also learn about how to manage risk. First, we need to identify the risk. What could happen that we don’t expect? What would be some possible outcomes if we made this decision? Then, we need to access the risk. We need to know about how bad is the consequences or what is the risk level. After that, we need to control the risk which means we need to know about What can you do about the risk? How can you manage it effectively? Lastly, we need to reflect on the risk. We need to review the risk and how would we react to it if there is something happen. Also, do we choose the risk or not? We also learn about the CPR(Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation). We learn those stuff not to just know about it. Yes, we learn to gain more knowledge, then we share the knowledge with other people around us. Also, we learn CPR, in case someone in our team has some problem while we are trekking in our trip. Moreover, we don’t just learn it to copy it down into our book. After we know it, we practice it. While we were practicing, there are three roles, victims, lead rescuers, and rescuer assistants. In order to really understand this topic, we need to act like it is a real situation and the victims really need our help or else they die. The first question that we need to ask before we rescue other is people is “Am I ok?” because if we are not ok, we can’t help the other victim. We need to call out to our friend to help us too. The second question that we are going to ask is “Is everybody ok?” because if everybody is not ok such as they are very panic, we have to calm them down so that they can be our rescuer assistant. Third, we need to ask the victims, Are they Ok even if we can’t see them and if they can’t respond we need to find them fast. If they can respond, the fourth question that we should ask is what had happened to the victim. Then we need to Assess the victim’s situation. While figuring out how to safely get to them, keep talking to them, be positive, keep encouraging them, tell them to lie still, that help is on the way. Then, we need to access the victim situation. Can they stay where they are, or are they in danger and need to be moved? Lastly, we have to look at the victim. How do they look? Are they injure somewhere? If yes, we need to start helping them. This is just Step 1 which is called Stop and look around the scene. Then, we have to continue to Step 2 which is called Primary Patient or the ABCDEF.

A: Awake. We need to make sure that they are awake, just called out and wait to hear the answer from the victims and if they don’t reply, it is time for B.
B: Breathing. We need to make sure that they are breathing and if not, let continue to C.

C: Circulation. We need to know if their heart is still beating or are they bleeding anywhere.
D: Deformity. We need to check. Is any part of the victim broken.
E: Environment. Can the victim stay where he/she is right now? Do she/he need to move?
F: Friends! How is everyone doing?
For Step 3, the big question is how is the patient doing. We need to know, how well they are. What are the injuries? How do they get their injuries? What is our care plan? Step 4 is what is our rescuing plan? Are we staying or going? What is our plan to get help? Who is going to go to get help? What do we do to protect the patient while waiting for help to arrive? What do we do to protect ourselves while waiting for help to arrive? Is the scene safe? After we learn all of this stuff, we prepare yourself for a next, bigger trip which is the last trip.

For the trip, we went to Mondulkiri. On the first day, we spend over 10 hours on the bus. Then, we camped at the headquarter of RDI which is an organization that creates water filters to clean water. After preparing our camping stuff for the night, we cooked food. We even make a campfire. Then, our facilitator bought some yam. We burn the yam in the campfire until it cooked. Then, we share it with each other. On the second day, we went trekking at Leng Truk waterfall. We spend about 15 minutes in the forest until we get to the waterfall. We even cook our own food at the waterfall. We only use fire and bamboo to cook our meal. Our guide cooked new food for us. It is a soup that was cooked in a bamboo. We just need some ingredients from the forest and a bamboo to make a soup. It is really amazing. While we were finishing our lunch. An elephant guide led an elephant to visit us. The elephant is 47 years old and she is very gentle. I fed her some banana and she loves it. After lunch, we spend about 20 minutes to write reflections about the trip. Then, we shared our reflection with each other. After relaxing for a while, we headed back to RDI. On the third day, we went to a waterfall called O-Reang. After we ate lunch and visit a bigger part of the waterfall. We practiced Medical Simulation. Then, our facilitator put us in groups to help each other build a shelter in 20 minutes. After doing all of those fun activity, we headed back to our bus. Overall, on that day, we walked over 10 kilometers. While we were heading back, we stop at a grassy hill and relaxed. We even play hide and seek in the grass. It was really fun. We took lots of pictures. On the fourth day, we came back. We miss our trip so much.

After the trip, we prepare for Sharation. I hope you learn at least something today after reading this.

No Single-Use Plastic at Liger

In 2018, from August to October, I had a seven weeks exploration of trying to stop using plastic in my school, but we realize that we cannot stop in 7 weeks because using plastic products is our habit now. If we definitely stop using plastic, you might have to throw my computer away too, because it is plastic. Yes, I am serious. So, in that seven weeks, we were trying to stop the single-use plastic such as plastic bags, straws, and bottle. I find out that everyone can’t really stop using plastic bags and bottle. Guess what? My favorite drink is packed in the bottle since they are the factories and I can’t drive to the company to tell them to stop it because it is their business. Also, the things about plastic bags. Most of the snack in Cambodia are packed in plastic bags. Some people really do love snack. What should they do? (Stop eating snacks?) Moreover, plastic bags are now very convenience in my country. People are just lazy sometimes. They don’t really use the reusable bags and bring their own food box when they buy their own food. Everyone already knows about the disadvantages of plastic, but why do they still use it? If you don’t believe me, let me ask you a question. Do you still use plastic? If yes, why? If no, forward my question to your friends. I think your answer might be yes.

Let me talk a bit more about plastic. Sometimes, the plastic affects you, but you just can’t really see it. Example, when you buy a hot soup noodle and you pack it back in plastic bag or styrofoam, the chemical of the plastic will release into your noodle and you can’t see it and you eat it at home. Sometimes, plastic doesn’t affect us, but it affects other marine lives such as turtle.

A turtle was pretty famous in a few years ago because of the plastic straw that stuck painfully in his nose. He was bleeding badly in his nose and he yelled a lot. I really pity the turtle. What about you? Some of the turtles don’t get nose stuck, but they confuse between plastic bags and jellyfishes. I think many turtles die because of that reason. Well, it’s also because of plastic trash that was thrown away by us humans.

But, now we are only focusing on our campus then another group will start further with the village near our school. We were searching for the alternatives that can replace plastic and it is good for the environment. We also collaborate with some of the organization. We know them by doing some research on the internet. Before meeting them, we had to send an email to them about our project and why we wanted to meet them. We collaborated with Better U and Only One planet. Better U use grass straw and Only One Planet sell bioplastics such as box for lunch packaging and other reusable product. We went to meet them to talk about their products and order some of them to show at our Sharation Day to show people what we were doing.

We also bought every student and staff a metal straw and a nylon bag because they have their personal stuff and they use them instead of plastic. Also, they can reuse them, so when they go to buy snacks, they can put their stuff inside the bag and they can use the metal straw instead of plastic straws. Our school calls a snack seller to come to sell snack at our school every Saturday, so she brings lots of snack and drinks such as sugarcane that come in with plastic cups, plastic handles, plastic caps, and plastic straws. Now, because of having the plastic exploration, the snack seller stop bring the sugarcane in cups. Instead, she brings a bucket of ice and a lot of plastic bottles that contain sugarcane juice in it. She doesn’t throw away the plastic bottle. Alternatively, she takes back the bottle and she reuses it when she comes to sell them to us again. So, when we buy the sugarcane juice, we need to bring our own bottle. For the snack and drink that come in with plastic wrapper since they were at the factory, we give them an excuse because we love snacks and we cannot stop it.

In week three, we were collecting all of the single-use plastic on our campus every day and see how many do we have. The number of the result is pretty big. In a week we have 2,750 trash. Most of the single-use plastic trash were the plastic bag, snack wrapper, and plastic straw. We have 2,750 single-use plastic trash in a week, so in a month we can have 11,000 and in a year, we can have 132,000 of single-use plastic trash. This is just in Liger campus, so what about the villages provinces and countries.

On 21, 09, 2018, we were doing a small activity on the assembly in our campus. Before getting into the point, we were doing some Q4S which mean questions for sugarcane. We asked them the easy questions, so we could get rid of sugarcane juice and we could get to the point. After they drank the sugarcane that we gave them in the plastic cup with plastic straws, we showed them some pictures. The first picture is the picture of the sugarcane that they are drinking. The second picture showed the reality of the drink that they just had. The picture is very disgusting. You can scroll down a bit to see the pictures. We were getting into the point. We told them why we don’t want them to use the plastic cups, straw, cap, and the handle when they bought sugarcane from the seller. Usually, they keep the straws in the open area, so the dirty and those bacteria might fly around and stuck on to it. Sometimes, when the sellers just change their kid’s diaper, they might not wash their hands yet. Also, about the cup. Sometimes, they hold the mouth of the cups before they hand it to us. It is very disgusting, right?

After we told them about our exploration and why we want to stop the single-use plastic, the single-use plastic in the campus decreases a lot.

To make it a bit worldwide, we created a facebook page to let other Cambodian people know about it. The Facebook page tells people to try to help our environment. To do that, they need to reduce using plastic. We also put some prizes to encourage them to USE the alternative to reduce the single-use plastic. They can post a picture of themselves during using another alternative that is not plastic. We will give them a point for a post. Our team will record the scores and will notify everyone every six weeks.


15 points: One keychain / One metal straw / One bamboo straw

25 points: Two keychains

30 points: One medium size fabric bag

50 points: One big size fabric bag

150 points: One small glass cup (300 ml)

200 points: One big glass cup (500 ml)

250 points: One metal box

350 points: One pencil case

400 points: One metal pencils and pens holder

500 points: One water bottle (500 ml)

1000 points: One backpack


We also share the Facebook page with our family and relatives and they said that it is a good idea.

So, if you wanna to join our project, you can just use the alternative that can replace plastic and share the idea with people around you and remember that plastic is easy to use, but they are difficult to destroy and it causes a very big problem.

Our Facebook page:


   My STEM class is lead by Teacher Da. He teaches us the lesson from a website called CK 12. Last year, my class was studying Earth Science such as the earth’s surface, earth mineral, rock, and other more stuff. Instead of study studying more about those kinds of stuff, in this term from August to October, we study physical science. Let me share you one of the lessons that I’ve learned.

   Last few weeks we study about The Inside Atom, but instead of reading the website about what atom actually is, my teacher gives us a link to read about atom family. It is not a boring lesson because they were comparing the things inside the atom to something similar to us, human.

In the Matterville, there is a place called Nucleus Arcade where the two members of atom family like to hang out together. Perky Patty Proton is the same as some other sister. She is quite large with a big smile on her face and eyes that sparkle (+). She is happy and has a very positive personality. Nerdy Nelda Neutron is one of the members of the family. She is quite as large as Patty Proton, but she is the opposite. She has a boring flat mouth and eyes with zero expression. Her family always show apathetic and neutral about everything. Nerdy Nelda Neutron and perky Patty Proton always spend time together at the arcade. Around the nucleus arcade, you will find a couple of roadways that another atom family live. Enrange Elliott Electric like to chase around the arcade with a very angry face. Elliott Electron is much smaller than Perky Patron and Nelda Neutron. Elliott Electron is always chasing angrily because his bigger relatives won’t let him join the arcade. He has a frown on his face, eyes that are squinted with anger, and a very negative (-) attitude. Elliott Electron has a frown on the face, eyes that squinted with anger and has a very negative attitude. The first energy street can only hold only two Electron brothers. The second energy street, called the Energy Freeway, can hold 8 brothers. The third energy street, called the Energy Superhighway, can hold 18 of the brothers. The morale of Matterville is stable as long as each negative Electron brother is balanced out by one positive Proton sister. If one of the Elliott Electron is kidnapped, one of the Perky Patty Proton will be disappeared or be kidnapped too. The number of people in Matterville depends on the Proton and Neutron families.

Do you see that? The paragraph is not telling like a lesson. Instead, they were told like a story, so that it is not very boring to learn. When I study this lesson it was very fun and educational. After you read this I hope you learn something too.

Photos By: Google- Slideplayer


This term in Multimedia class(August to October), we learn how to do research to get the information that we want because as you know, sometimes, it is not very easy to do the research. Well, it’s because there are so many pieces of information on Google.

Also, my teacher(Cindy), brought up a topic about Adobe Software. She picked some of the students who know how to use Abode Software very well to explain the instruction on how to use some of the apps such as Photoshop, Lightroom and InDesign to some other students in the class. I am not very good at those kinds of stuff, so I am trying to catch up with them and try to have questions to ask my friends and teacher. After knowing some of it, Cindy, my teacher assigned us homework that required us to us adobe Software to do it and also using our Internet Safety skills to do research about what we want to make. Badly, I get out of the topic and then do a poster about something else. I didn’t finish the whole requirement because my laptop can’t use some of the Adobe apps. I also don’t know how to use some of the stuff in the app. Well, below is the poster that I make and it doesn’t really connect to what my teacher really want me to do.


In the third year for the junior in Liger Leadership Academy, we study math from Singapore Mathematics 5A book. Last year, we study from Singapore Mathematics 4A and 4B book. In this term(August to October), we study a lot about fraction such as adding, subtracting and multiplying fraction. Beside studying from the direct textbook, we also study math on a website called Khan Academy. After we finish our works in the class, we can do some math review by ourself, also we can do our math homework or do some math practice on Khan Academy. Sometimes, our teacher finds some math puzzle games for us to play and practice on some websites. I am not very good at math, but I am also not bad at math. Sometimes, it is fun and difficult to learn at the same time, but we always try to keep up with that. With determination, I think almost everything is possible.

Photo by: Google

English Essential

My English Essential is lead By Hannah, my beautiful teacher. Every week, she always has a topic and a new root word for us to learn. Example, this week we learn about a topic called Hear. So, on our homework packet, there are some root word that is related to hearing such as ‘aud’ which mean hear. Then, there are some more new vocabulary words that contain the root word in it. Sometimes, we study from websites such as New Sela, Achieve Learning and Readworks. Every Monday, we always have a new test and homework packet that is due on Another Monday. We have a long due date because it is not just a small and short homework on the packet.

Last few weeks, my essential class was studying a topic that is related to memories. My teacher(Hannah) also read a book for us. The title of the book is Grandpa Green. The story tells about a man’s life from a baby to an elder person. His memories will never be forgotten because everything that happened in his life was carved by himself in a beautiful garden.

I also got to do some group discussion about the story with my teacher and some other friends. My favorite activity was Writing Mini Person Narrative. I wrote a poem about a time when I was three years old.


My name is Socheata

Those rude people said it means grandpa

I rarely eat pizza

But I usually share my stories


That time I was only three

So, I sneaked out from the house freely

Without my parents knowing it


I went to see my little fishes in the big jar

Suddenly, I laughed hahaha

Because I see a small toy car in the water


The fishes stay on the toy car

Their mouths were shut and open

Like they were saying Wa Wa

I jumped to sit on the big jar

But then, splash!

I fell into the monster jar’s mouth


My Head was down

My legs are up

I can’t scream or cry

I was thinking that I’m going to die

When I open my eyes

Everything is green except

Little Fishes


After five seconds

I heard a young man screaming

“Pok Lok is drowning!” (Pok Lok is what they called me)

And then he started running

Without think what jar am I in


Then he found me in the second jar

He pulled out my legs from the monster’s mouth

Then he took me to my house

Because my mouth was saying “Mak” (Mak means Mom in the Khmer language)


My mom hugged me while crying

But my dad did not because he was at work

I felt very warm

Because I was in my mom’s chest


At last, she thanks to the man

Who was trying to get me back from the heaven train

And tried to take out my mom’s pain

When her daughter is lost


This is my most important memory

Because I was lucky that I was save

By a brave man who gave me a chance to write this poem

Khmer Essential

In this term, August to October, my Khmer Essential class that is lead by teacher Sokha was doing some Khmer Poems writing. There are so many types of poem that we can write about such as Six Words poem, Seven Words poem, Eight Words poem and many more. The category of my poem is Promeahk kit. It is a poem with four lines a stanza. Also, the first and the third line has must have five sounds. For the second and last line, it must have six sounds. If you continue with another stanza, your second line must rime the last line in the last stanza. The title of my Poem is ‘Good Student, Good Kid, Good Person’. The poem tells how to behave at school and at home. Also, the poem tells to share the knowledge with other people when they need it and it tells to use the knowledge in the good way. Here is my poem-


ក្មេងល្អ សិស្សល្អ មនុស្សល្អ



ចង់ក្លាយជាសិស្សល្អ                                                             ត្រូវត្រដរខិតខំរៀន

តួរលេខពេញក្តារខៀន                                                         គួរខំរៀនកុំមើលគេ។

គ្រូហៅឱ្យឡើងអាន                                                              ត្រូវក្លាហានកុំអៀនខ្វេរ

អានតែមួយភ្លែតទេ                                                                គ្រូមិនជេរមិនថាឡើយ។

ធ្វើជាក្មេងគំរូ                                                                         កុំរអ៊ូរកុំនៅតើយ

ធ្វើកិច្ចការឱ្យហើយ                                                         ម៉ាក់ឃើញហើយមុខស្រស់ថ្លា។

សម្អាតខ្លួនឱ្យល្អ                                                                    មុនបន្តទៅសាលា

រួចចាំលាម៉ាក់ប៉ា                                                                    កូនទៅសាលារៀនហើយ។

មុនពេលទៅសាលា                                                               ចង់ប្រាប់ថាកុំភ្លេចឡើយ

កាតាបរៀបឱ្យហើយ                                                              កុំធ្វើឈ្លើយដាក់ម៉ែឪ។

ដល់ខ្លោងធ្វារសាលា                                                              មុខស្រស់ថ្លារកុំក្រញ៉ូវ

ចេះគិតឱ្យត្រឹមត្រូវ                                                                  រួចចូលទៅរៀនអក្ខរា។

សិស្សល្អត្រូវស្តាប់ម៉ែ                                                               សិស្សគំរួកុំជួកម៉ារ

ឧស្សាហ៍ធ្វើកិច្ចការ                                                                  ទើបប្រាថ្នាសម្រេចបាន។

ខំប្រឹងរៀនឱ្យឆ្លាត                                                                   រួចសង្វាតឱ្យចំណាន

តទៅអ្នកអាចបាន                                                                   ងារធំថានសាស្ត្រាចារ្យ។

បានការងារធំហើយ                                                                កុំភ្លេចឡើយបាអាចារ្យ

លុះត្រារតែមានផ្ការ                                                                  ទើបវាហារចេញផ្លែបាន។

មាតានិងបិតា                                                                          ត្រូវគិតថាលោកធំថាន

ធ្វើការមិនស្រាកស្រាន                                                             មិនសម្រានដោយសារកូន។

ទនេរពីការងារ                                                                         គួរនាំគ្នាជាបងប្អូន

ផ្ទះម៉ែមិនស្ងាត់សូន្យ                                                                 ព្រោះតែកូនបានមកលេង។

ចំណេះឡើងគគោក                                                                 ចែកមួយផ្នែកឱ្យក្មេង

ជាគុណដ៏ធំធេង                                                                       ដែលក្មេងៗបានទទួល។

ប្រើវាក្នុងផ្លូវល្អ                                                                          ចិត្តស្មោះសរកុំប្រែប្រួល

នោះអ្នករត់មិនដួល                                                                 បាច់ផ្ការមួយមិនបាក់ទង។

អ្នកដែលចិត្តអាក្រក់                                                                  អ្នកកុហកនឹងសៅហ្មង

អ្នកនោះអាចភ្លាត់ភ្លង                                                                ធ្វើឱ្យពងមាន់បែកបាន។

បើពងនោះបែកហើយ                                                    ទោះឈប់ឈ្លើយហើយឱនប្រាណ

ពងនោះផ្សាលេងបាន                                                               គេនឹងច្រានពងក្រៅខ្លាំ។

បើអ្នកធ្វើល្អវិញ                                                                         មិនទន្ទិញក៏គេចាំ

ឈ្មោះអ្នកគេចំណាំ                                                                    ទោះឈ្មោះប្រាំក៏ចាំចេះ។

ស្លាប់បិទភ្នែកជិតហើយ                                                           ផ្តល់អស់ហើយគ្រប់ចំណេះ

ខ្ញុំមិនដែលចេះខ្មេះ                                                                    អ្នកនឹងចេះបើទទួល។


Teacher Sokha said that all of the poems must be educated poem, not poems about love and other nonsense stuff. The reason for writing Khmer poems is to make books with the collection of all the poems that we had written. We will sell some of the books so that people read our poems and know about some poem that they never heard of before. Just like our senior, they already finish their book with the collection of many poems. The books were sold to many people. We away said that we must have a better book than our senior to show back the power of junior.

How I change Cambodia

“Always change yourself first” people would say to me when I want to change something such as when my sister is mad at me and I want to change her into a peaceful person. And yes, I just understand it when I was 11 years old. My sister was mad at me because I was mad at her. Then, I remember the Change Yourself First. Then I started to calm down and my sister was doing the same thing too. And I realized that I was changing my sister. My teacher always said “If you want to change your country, you have to start changing yourself first. Then, change your family. After that, you can start to change your village or community, district, province or your country”. It was a really good advice and I like it. I have so many things that I wanna change. I have the idea of changing by doing some exploration and the reality of things that happen every day in front of me.


The first thing that I always see in the rural area is The Contaminated Water. People usually carry the water from the lake or river nearby. As I see, they just pure the water into the big jar and keep it. They drink it whenever want, but they don’t boil or filter it. That is the problem. There are germs in the water that cause people to be sick. I always feel mad at myself because I always think of a question. The question is “Why Can’t I drink water from the tap like people in The US”. When I first saw people drink tap water, I think that it is funny, but then I think it is useful. We don’t have to filter or boil the water. The water is already clean from the tap. And it is safe for us to drink. I don’t know what to do to make the water from the tap clean like the water in the US yet, but I think of something to make the water clean from the tap. My idea is to have a big place to make the water 100.9% clean. And we can only use water from that place. The water will run from that place through the pipe at our house. We just need to open the tap and drink. We don’t need to worry about the germs.


The second problem that I usually see is Arsenic in the water. It is really painful to have Arsenic in the water that we drink. Arsenic causes lots of diseases that we can even get from it. Mostly, the disease kills us. I don’t wanna describe how the people would look like if they have the arsenic’s disease because it is a really painful picture that sometimes, I even cry a few time when I see it for the first time. I don’t know if the disease can be cured or not because most people die from it. I have no solution to this problem, but I have an idea. Even if I have an idea already, but it is not easy to follow my instruction. As you know some places in Cambodia don’t have clean water. So, the solution that people do is to dig a well. As you know the arsenic in the underground water. So, when there is much arsenic in the water that we drink, we can cause disease from it. When people drink the Arsenic water, they have no choice. They don’t have enough water to buy the clean and safe water. So, my idea is to move people from the place where the arsenic is. You might wanna ask How Will Those People Get Money To Buy Or Build A New Home? So, if you wanna ask that question, I also have the solution to solve that problem. The solution is to collect $1 from everyone in Cambodia to help those people. The population in Cambodia is around 15 million. If all of us help to donate the money, we will have at least 15 million dollars and we can help lots of people from that money. I think that is really cool because we are doing a good thing in our life. You might also wanna ask Who is the one responsible for keeping the money? My answer is “I have no idea yet”. So, I wanna you all so give me some idea after reading my essay.


I also participated in an exploration call Historical Symbolism. I really proud of my self (proud, but not too proud) because I got to know the meaning of some statue in my country. In Cambodia, every province has at least the one statue to represent that province. Also, there is a meaning behind each statue. Even though, if you buy a statue and put it in front of the gate at your house, it also has a meaning or purpose such as putting it for decoration or represent something for your house. In Cambodia, the government plan to put a statue in every province at least one to represent the symbol of that province. I think it is really important to know every statue in our country because it is something that related to our culture or country. Example, a foreigner came to visit your country and he/she saw a very interesting statue. He/She ask you about the meaning or the reason of the putting the statue there and you said that you don’t know. How would you feel? I don’t know what you are feeling, but for me, I feel so guilty and so embarrassed because it is the statue in our country and we don’t things about our country. I would feel embarrassed when the people from other country come to teach us about things in my own country. Knowing the meaning of the statue in our country can also help protect our traditional culture and our old statue. I said it help protects our old statue because sometimes, people are going to remove out the statue because they don’t know the meaning and the purpose of that statue.


I think I am a part of Cambodia Changing last year. I think I did those changing when I join Technovation. My group was one of the finalist group who was chosen to compete at the International Pitch in San Francisco. We didn’t win the first place, but when we come back from San Francisco, there were some journalists to come to interview us. In every interview, we always say something that really inspires other girls to become a part of technology. We can let them be a part of technology by letting them learn to code or just let them participate in Technovation. I said that they can be a part of technology by participating in Technovation because this program is created for girls to create apps. Most girls and women and Cambodia always think that they can’t do that technology stuff the same as boys and men do. In my opinion, I don’t think it is right. Everyone can do anything that they think it is right and they want to do. If boys can do it, girls can do it too. In the interview, my team always encourage girls to not be shy or scare to show their talent in technology to the world to see. And I think that the inspirational quotes that we had spoken in the interview are working very well because this year, girls that had participated in Technovation is a lot more than last year. We also proud of ourself because our team is the youngest team who continued to the global pitch in 2017. Also, we are the first team in Cambodia who make it to the global. We also feel great that we can inspire lots of girls in our country to join Technovation and learn about technology. The greatest feeling that we have is when the journalist come to interview us because we usually saw people interview Stars on the TV and now we feel like we are one of the famous Stars.


I saw some senior at my school did an exploration about gender equity. I really enjoy the presentation. I like the word equity better than equality. Here an example of the word equality. The word equality means that you got the equal chance to go the get the orange. Everyone get a chair to stand on to make themselves taller to reach the branches of the orange tree. Some of the people are already tall. They don’t need the chair to stand on, but you are small and you still cannot reach the branch of the orange tree even though, you have a chair. You need one more chair. This is call equality because everyone gets equal things. This an example of equity. All of the people who have the chance to get the orange gets one chair. The tall people who know that they can reach the orange branch without the chair. So, they give you their chair because they know that you need one more chair to reach your goal (reach your orange branch). This means equity because you share the stuff(anything) that you get equally to other people that need more. I’m writing about this topic because the place that I live, most people don’t really value women or girl. Most people said that Men need to work and Women need to stay at home to cook and look after the kids and the house. Women can’t play sports. These are the word that most people usually say. Also, in the place that I live, people call men or boys who act themselves as the women and girl, Banana. I don’t know why they called those people like that. It doesn’t even make any sense. For me, everyone can do anything that they want to do. Girls can play sports. Boys can wear dresses. Women can be presidents. Boys can cook. Women and girls can be strong. And Boys can cry. I don’t want people to say, Boys or men must be strong, so don’t cry or women must stay in the house and cook, then let the men work. Everyone can be anything that they dream to be. Today, most girls are crying because they always hear those gender discrimination. So, what do you think about women right in Cambodia or your country? They don’t feel good when they walk alone. They wish that they are men. Most of them always feel bad about their lives because they always think that being a woman is difficult. There’s still lots of violence and discrimination to women, especially in rural area. Do you know? If you are a girl in the rural area and you tell your parent that you want to be a person who works in a company, they will just don’t care about what you say because they think that you can’t do it. Most parents in the rural area don’t let their daughter finish the college or get into college. Most parents in the rural area want their daughters to work in factories. For now, I don’t want people to really focus on men gender equality, but first, let do some women gender equity and think about both gender equality in the next time.