Mental Illness

Throughout this round, we were studying to understand more about literary devices such as anthropomorphism, oxymoron, paradox and many more, but the main topic that we focus on is mental illness. 

During the lesson, we were trying to empathy those with the sickness as well as understanding more about the stigma and how it impacts the patients’ daily life. All through the unit, we had learned that people with mental illness tend to keep the burden to themselves due to their fear of the stigma. They were afraid of stereotype, prejudice, and discrimination. Keeping to themselves is no help at all. All it does is ruining their entire lives and worsen their condition. Despite this issue, some people with sickness don’t know that they are sick. Those people would decide their own sickness and meet the wrong helpers. 

To understand more about this topic, we’ve been reading articles and stories. Most of our stories are by a famous author, Edgar Elan Poe. Since the stories are written in the last century, words are a little hard to understand. However, we studied the new vocabulary and get through the story. We read two of his stories and it was shockingly amazing to me. His story gives me a really vivid imagination. I believe I can see all of the things that he wants to convey to the audience. Mr. Poe wrote the story in the villain perspective which is a very creative idea because in reality, people tend to judge others, especially bad guys without knowing them and this can also be a way to understand more about the villains since most of the stories are from heroes perspective. 

My favorite story is The Tell-Tale Heart. It is a dark story with a mystery. It was the story of a man who murdered another old man just because he hates the old man’s eyes. After murdering the man, the villain cleaned the mess and unfortunately, two officers came to visit him because they heard the sound of a shriek coming from that house. The villain was showing the officers around and creating excuses to answer the police very perfectly. The mystery was that he heard the old man’s heartbeat, but the man was dead, wasn’t he? The villain couldn’t bear listening to the heartbeat, so he confessed that he murdered the old man. 

The heartbeat was the mystery. To solve the mystery, we conclude that hearing the heartbeat shows that the villain has guilts and is mentally sick. The man is deceased, so by hearing his heartbeat, the villain might have schizophrenia. We also conclude that the murderer is mentally sick due to his strange activities such as watching over people when they sleep every day and killing people just because of hating their eyes. 

Despite reading stories and articles, we also did some research about mental illness disorders such as bipolar, depression, anxiety and more. Besides that, we have noticed that Cambodia is a country with not a lot of mentalists and therapists. Instead of mental illness, Cambodians see it as possession and many more kinds of spiritual beliefs. Now that we have studied and understood a lot about mental illness, I hope to share the knowledge with those around me and at least create a small change in people’s perspective in Cambodia about the topic.

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