Liger Second Yearbook

Well, by just looking at the title, you already know what I’m going to write about. Yes, I am a member of the Liger Yearbook Team. The main goal is to write a fun yearbook. 

How are we going to do that? Well, there are so many sections in a book, so we have to divide roles. The main thing about Yearbook is Pictures. There must be lots and lots of pictures in a yearbook. We also have to gather information about each of the sections and some little descriptions. 

Another thing that we shouldn’t forget about yearbook is a theme. We have to choose a specific theme, so that we can have a proper layout. The Liger Yearbook member decided to pick a theme based on​ the majority of people’s choice. The theme for this 2019-2020 yearbook is Our Journey. To me, it represents what we’ve been through for all these years, those memories that have with each other and how far we’ve succeed. 

My role in the team is to collect baby photos from the new staff and junior. I also have to do some pages about sport competition and our senior seminars. It was a little bit challenging at first because I was new to Adobe Indesign, but the more I practice it, the more I get familiar with it. 

Although it’s the end of the round, our yearbook staff are still continuing our work on personal time and every Wednesday afternoon because we might not have enough time to finish our book since we don’t have that many members. 

Creating years book is really fun and exciting. We can look back and photos from years ago. We can see how people change and we can see how people grow. Throughout this exploration, not only that I was having fun, but I was also learning a new skill. By using this new skill, I hope it can help the yearbook-team to bring people back in time, to explore their memories and to enjoy it.  

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