Khmer’s Children Literature

Khmer Children’s Literature exploration’s goal is to write six story books for kids, and each one of them represent one of Liger’s Core Value. Those core values are Determination, Integrity, Ingenuity, Appreciation, Optimism, and Stewardship. We’re also aiming to learn about the benefits of reading and being read to at a young age. We also hope to spread the knowledge to Cambodian parents and children. The last goal of the exploration is to get creative with our writing and designing skills. 

Reading and being read to at a young age create such a big impact to babies and kids. It helps to get their interest in literature, expand their imaginations, and develop their creativity. Reading and being read to at a young age also helps the children to understand the language, and the keyword that would benefit them for their further education. Usually, parents are busy, so reading can also be a good way to build and sustain parents and children’s relationship.

My partner and I are working on writing a story that is related to the Integrity Core Value. We are writing for children ages 5 to 7. I can write a story, but I have no talent in art. Fortunately, my partner’s interest is art, and I found out that it is one of his talents. We divided our team into two categories, writer and artist. I don’t want to destroy my partner’s art, so I write, translate the story into khmer, and check everything to make sure that it is a good text. 

I first had the idea of writing a story to educate kids in a scary way, but then my partner and facilitator mentioned, that it is not really okay because we want kids to have fun throughout reading, so I ended up writing a story that is scary, but in a funny way. After finishing everything, including writing, translating and checking through, I felt so useless by the fact that I couldn’t help my partner with anything. He was doing watercolor painting. All I could do was nothing except sitting right there next to him and keep staring at his art and tried to talk a lot to keep him motivated. I also tried drawing, but it was very bad. 

Working with each other at first is never easy. I can say that we were too smart that we had our own good ideas and we were arguing. On the first few days, I didn’t talk much because I was mad of my partner. He would give out ideas and don’t really listen to mine, but then we tried to understand each other, tried to accept each other’s idea and we went along really well. That’s when I thought, No matter how good you are, without collaboration, it’s going to be difficult to succeed

Most of the authors are adults. This fact makes me feel really proud of myself and my classmates because we are writing books at a young age. I am glad that we are going to create an impact. No matter how small or big the impact is, I am proud because it is going to be something good that would change people’s perspective in my country.

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