Multimedia Round#4

In multimedia class, we study about python coding just like the last round, but this round is much more fun because we got to practice our lesson by coding games. We also learn some new content such as function, list, list length, etc. Cindy, our multimedia facilitator, introduced us a new website that we can practice our skill. Not only that, the website is also where we have to do our assignment. The website is called Code Club Projects. There are many projects that you can do there. Plus, the website provides you with code instructions and fun challenges section that might interest you. One of our assignment is called Team Chooser. It is like a machine to randomly put people in teams. In government school, I never did something like that, so I feel very fortunate and grateful to do that assignment. Click here to try out the project. We also did a Code Club Independent Reflection. In that reflection, we have to choose one of the Code Club project. Those are –

Turtle Race!:

Secret Messages:

Colorful Creations:


Where is the Space Station?:

The project that I choose is Turtle race. It is really to code that game. In the game, there are a few turtles that will have to race. I didn’t code for which turtle to get to the line first. I code it randomly, so it’s depend on your luck.

Coding is still a hard topic for me, but I believe that one day, it will be easy for me.


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