Round #4

In math this round, we learn about percentage and how to measure angles. Percentage is quite useful in our everyday life. It’s easy to understand, it represent a lot of things and it’s easy to remember. You don’t have to tell the exact number, but you can just tell them the percentage(of something). To me, percentage is not difficult, but it’s not easy too. When it comes to measuring the angle, it’s a bit difficult for me, but I think that the more I practice, the better I will get. It is a little weird for me to measure these angles in the textbook because I usually learn to measure one single angle at a time, but these angles are lots of shapes combine together which is a little weird for me at first. Anyway, even though, there are lots of struggle and challenges ahead of me in math class, it’s still my favorite class. I can’t believe I measure angles without protractor!


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